軽井沢 1977 #4010 for Taiwan (Karuizawa 1977 #4010 for Taiwan) Number One Drinks 65.9% 700ml Buy

These are Karuizawa Single Casks, bottled exclusively for Taiwan.
We bought a few bottles back from Taiwan for BOND#1 members.
Outside Taiwan, these precious bottles are available only from BOND#1.

Nose : Ester, wet wood, spicy, chilli pepper, cumin, cinnamon, white pepper, sherry, vanilla, nuts.
Palate : Sweet and very oily, raisins, chocolate, fruitiness, chewy, sweet tea. With water much more sweetness appears.
Comment : You can feel the very sophisticated quality of the spirit from this whisky. A very intense and strong Karuizawa.

Region / Japan
Vintage / 1977
Age / 35y
Cask type / Sherry butt
Strength / 65.9% vol.
Volume / 700ml


---Tasting Note---

生産地域 / 日本
蒸溜年 / 1977
熟成年数 / 35年
カスクタイプ / シェリーバット
アルコール度数 / 65.9 vol.
容量 / 700ml

軽井沢 1971 #7267 for Taiwan (Karuizawa 1971) Number One Drinks 62.8% 700ml Buy

These are Karuizawa Single Casks, bottled exclusively for Taiwan.
We bought a few bottles back from Taiwan for BOND#1 members.
Outside Taiwan, these precious bottles are available only from BOND#1.

Nose : Old furniture, pipe tobacco, matured tea leaves, persimmon, dried strawberry, dried fruits, the aromas in the air around a Japanese temple.
Palate : Chocolate bread, dried persimmon, ginger candy, tea liqueur cocktails, tannins, dried fruits, prunes. Coffee, tobacco.
Comment : The perfect whisky to experience "Whisky's maturation" and "the Taste of Japanese Whisky".

Region / Japan
Vintage / 1971
Age / 41y
Cask type / Sherry butt
Strength / 62.8% vol.
Volume / 700ml


---Tasting Note---

生産地域 / 日本
蒸溜年 / 1971
熟成年数 / 41年
カスクタイプ / シェリーバット
アルコール度数 / 62.8 vol.
容量 / 700ml

軽井沢 1960 (Karuizawa 1960) Number One Drinks 51.8% 700ml

Amazingly, after the emotional task of transferring the last remaining Karuizawas from the distillery to their temporary home at Chichibu had been completed, a final tranche of casks materialised. These had been ring-fenced as being potential bottlings for the distillery's visitor centre, but as that was also now closed enquiries were made as to whether this mysterious clutch could also be added to the purchase.
It was only after the deal was agreed that it was discovered how remarkable this package was, containing as it did, cask #5627, a 250L sherry hogshead. Time had reduced its volume to no more than 41 bottles worth of liquid, though the alcohol remained sprightly at 51.8%, a precious reminder of the early days of the distillery, and now the oldest single cask of Japanese whisky ever bottled.

Region / Japan
Vintage / 1960
Age / 52y
Cask type / Ex-Sherry
Cask number / 5627
Strength / 51.8% vol.
Volume / 700ml


生産地域 / 日本
蒸溜年 / 1960
熟成年数 / 52年
カスクタイプ / Ex-Sherry
カスクナンバー / 5627
アルコール度数 / 51.8 vol.
容量 / 700ml

軽井沢 1979 #7752 (Karuizawa 1979 #7752) Number One Drinks 59.9% 700ml

This is a very rare single cask of Karuizawa distilled in the 1970's.
Karuizawa ceased distilling in 2000 and was closed completely in 2012, so stock is now extremely rare, especially casks of over 30 years maturity. Despite this, the number of Karuizawa enthusiasts around the world continues to increase.
This particular cask has reached the peak of Karuizawa flavour... very sweet and sherried, nutty, prunes etc... because sherry butt needs longer time for its maturation than bourbon casks due to the size of cask.
This is the very definition of Japanese VINTAGE single malt whisky, and would be worth owning as an archive of the Karuizawa history.

Region / Japan
Vintage / 1979
Age / 33y
Cask type / Sherry butt
Strength / 59.9% vol.
Volume / 700ml


生産地域 / 日本
蒸溜年 / 1979
熟成年数 / 33年
カスクタイプ / シェリーバット
アルコール度数 / 59.9 vol.
容量 / 700ml

キャパドニック1992 for BOND#1 selected by Dave Broom (Caperdonich 1992 20 years old) BOND#1 Exclusive 55.9% 700ml Buy

Exclusive bottling No.4 for BOND#1 members, selected by Dave Broom.
This is the first bottling since Longmorn was released last September.

Caperdonich was built as the sister distillery to Glen Grant in the centre of Speyside. However in 2002 Caperdonich ceased production, and then was completely demolished after several years. At present a pot-still manufacturing factory, run by Forsyths, was built on the site of the distillery.
All the equipment of Caperdonich was removed, but the pot-stills were moved to Belgium and started a 2nd life. However, Caperdonich as a Scotch Single Malt will never be produced again.

Nose : Lemon wafer, vanilla and citrus, also some pineapple. Honey, herb. Typical (bourbon cask matured) Speyside aroma.
Palate : Lemon candy, chocolate cream. Silky vanilla chocolate is clinging on the tongue. Sweetness and wood bitterness finish.
Comment : This whisky is restrained but has a distinctive character. More sweetness comes out by breathing in the glass.

Region / Speyside
Vintage / 1992
Age / 19y
Strength / 55.9% vol.
Volume / 700ml


香り : レモンウエハース、バニラシトラスとかすかにパイナップル。ハチミツ、ハーブ。典型的な(バーボンカスクの)スペイサイドモルトの香り。
味わい : レモンキャンディ、チョコレートクリーム。滑らかなバニラチョコが舌に絡みつく。甘くかすかに樽のウッディな苦味を舌に残しながらやさしく伸びる。
コメント : 静かで大げさな主張はしないが、しっかりと語りかけてくる深いウイスキー。グラスの中でどんどん甘さが際立ってくる。

生産地域 / スペイサイド
蒸溜年 / 1992
熟成年数 / 19年
アルコール度数 / 55.9% vol.
容量 / 700ml

ベンリアック1985 27年 for Whisky Live (BenRiach 1985 27 years old) Distillery bottling 42.2% 700ml Buy

This BenRiach was exclusively bottled for Tokyo International BarShow and Whisky Live 2013.
Very fruity nose like coconuts, caramel, citrus, baked banana with peat and also vanilla.
Plate is pineapples, pare, grapefruits, lime, and toffee. Peat smoke can be felt in after.
The last 1985 bottlings for Japan market.

Region / Speyside
Strength / 42.2% vol.
Volume / 700ml

ベンリアック1985 for Whisky Live2013は、南国フルーツフレーバーで一世を風靡した1976年の後を期待されたヴィンテージですが、元々の生産量が少ないヴィンテージの為、日本向けとしては最後のひと樽です。

生産地域 / スペイサイド
アルコール度数 / 42.2% vol.
容量 / 700ml

スプリングバンク 1995 for WHISKY LIVE 2013 (Springbank 1995) Distillery bottling 55.7% 700ml Buy

One of the bottlings for WHISKY LIVE 2013 from Craft Distillers.
This is very rare Springbank single cask whisky, which was matured in Refill Sherry Butt for 17 years. Springbank is now limiting to sell their single casks to the market, therefore this bottling is very precious for Springbank lovers.

Nose : Sea salt, jam, lemon, vanilla and roots of plants.
Palate : Smoked fish, vanilla, sea salt, oil, white pepper and grapes.

Region / Campbeltown
Cask No. / 206
Cask Type / Refill Sherry Butt
Vintage / 1995
Age / 17y
Strength / 55.7% vol.
Outturn / 504 bottles
Volume / 700ml


生産地域 / キャンベルタウン
カスクナンバー / 206
カスクタイプ / リフィルシェリーバット
蒸溜年 / 1995
熟成年数 / 17年
アルコール度数 / 57.5% vol.
アウトターン / 504本
容量 / 700ml

アラン 2005 for WHISKY LIVE 2013 (Arran 2005) Distillery bottling 57.5% 700ml Buy

One of the bottlings for WHISKY LIVE 2013 from Craft Distillers.
Arran starts making peated malt whisky from 2004 in small quantity and this is the one of the peated single cask whisky distilled in 2005.

The label was specially designed by public offering, and this cute and lovely one won the contest held in March 2013.

Nose : Vanilla, Citrus, Honey, Sea weed, Pare, Butter scotch, Crape, Malted barley, oak and sea.
Palate : Vanilla, Herb, Grape, Apple, Candy, Pare, White pepper and Citrus.

Region / Islands
Cask No. / 05/128
Vintage / 2005
Age / 7y
Strength / 57.5% vol.
Volume / 700ml


生産地域 / アイランズ
カスクナンバー / 05/128
蒸溜年 / 2005
熟成年数 / 7年
アルコール度数 / 57.5% vol.
容量 / 700ml

軽井沢1996 16年 Memories of Karuizawa 2nd (Karuizawa 1996 16yo) Whisk-e 61.8% 700ml Buy

This is the 3rd batch of Memories of Karuizawa.
Comparatively more gentle and milder sherry influence than the other heavy-sherried Karuizawas. Over 60% strength brings prune, dried fig, rum raisin and orange peel flavour. Also date palm, cacao, nutmeg, pineapple on palate at finish.

Region / Karuizawa, Japan
Cask No. / 3684
Cask Type / Sherry Butt
Vintage / 1996
Age / 16y
Strength / 61.8% vol.
Volume / 700ml


生産地域 / 軽井沢
カスクナンバー / 3684
カスクタイプ / シェリーバット
蒸溜年 / 1996
熟成年数 / 16年
アルコール度数 / 61.8% vol.
容量 / 700ml

軽井沢1991 21年 Memories of Karuizawa 2nd (Karuizawa 1991 21yo) Whisk-e 63.7% 700ml

This is the 2nd batch of Memories of Karuizawa, and it's very rare long matured single cask.
Nose / Nutty, Simmered apple, Marmalade, Vanilla, Old rocking chair.
Palate / Milk chocolate, Almond oil, Dried apricot, walnut, clove.
Reduced / More fruitiness appears; marmalade, Citrus, Apple etc.

Karuizawa distillery was built at the foot of Mt. Asama, which is known as an active volcano. It was located 850m high above sea level, and the environment around the distillery was very similar to that in Scotland; cool with high humidity.
Karuizawa used Scottish barley for their production and also used oloroso sherry casks for the first maturation.
However, unfortunately the distillery stopped their production in 2000, and completely closed in 2012. Therefore Karuizawa became one of the legendary single malts no longer produced in Japan.

Region / Karuizawa, Japan
Cask No. / 9106
Cask Type / Sherry Butt
Vintage / 1991
Age / 21y
Strength / 63.7% vol.
Outturn / 346 btl.
Volume / 700ml


生産地域 / 軽井沢(長野)
カスクナンバー / 9106
カスクタイプ / シェリーバット
蒸溜年 / 1991
熟成年数 / 21年
アルコール度数 / 63.7% vol.
総ボトリング数 / 346本
容量 / 700ml